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How to Consign



All consignments are by drop off only —this includes all charity consignments. Due to COVID-19, we cannot process any consignments face-to-face. Consignment bag or box may be dropped off at the Turnover Annex (to the right of the Turnover Shop) on Mondays between 10 AM and 11 AM: In the event of a weather related closure, we may push drop-offs to Tuesdays.

All larger items including furniture must be pre-approved before bringing to the shop. Email photos, measurements, and a description of each item to the e-mail address TurnoverConsignments@gmail.com to set up an appointment to bring in any furniture.

Each consignor may bring no more than 15 clean seasonal items for consideration in your own bag or box.  Include a TurnOver Shop 2021 Consignment Agreement and complete all red areas on the form and place on top of your items inside the bag or box before drop off. If you want a minimum price on any item, please note this ON EACH ITEM inside the bag or box.  For example if you are dropping off a COACH bag and you want it to be priced for at least $45 be sure to attach a note to the Coach bag inside the bag or box indicating that you want us to price it for at least $45. If we feel we cannot price it for at least $45 we will return the item to you.

Charity consignment bag or box will be accepted from multiple parties. If you are dropping off a Charity Consignment, please include your name along with the charity name.

If you have items that do not fit inside your bag or box, please be sure to attach your name and/or Consignor ID Number on each item that is not inside your bag or box.  If you drop off your items using a cardboard box, we will assume you do not want your box returned to you. You may pick up your completed consignment sheet the following week on Monday between 9 AM and 11 AM.

Only one appointment per week per consignor. We will not accept a consignor dropping off items for multiple persons. You cannot drop off items for yourself, your sister, and your mother

The minimum price for consigned jewelry is $12. Baby and small children’s clothing has a minimum consignment price of $5. All other consigned items have a minimum of $8. The price of each item is determined by the consignment team member. You may not under-price or over-price your items. If you have items that are not worth the minimum consignment amount, we invite you to donate those items to the Shop (you may pick up a donation slip at the front counter).

Please do not make a habit of only bringing in $8 minimum value items or you may be rejected from future consignment drop-offs. If we have too many people signed up to bring in consignment bins to the shop and you are someone who does not historically bring in greater valued items, we may have to make a judgment call on what consignment bins we can and cannot accept based on our limited volunteers.. .

Consignors can be notified by email when their consignment items has been processed. If a consignor checks the YES box at the bottom of the Consignment Sheet, a copy of the completed Consignment Agreement will be sent to the consignor electronically via e-mail so you have each item’s tag number, price, and date that the items were consigned as soon as possible. Otherwise, if you do not check the YES box at the bottom, you will receive a paper copy of your completed Consignment Agreement the following week.

Consignors may designate any item to be donated to the shop or Salvation Army if it cannot be consigned for some reason, or consignors may select to have non-consigned items returned to them in their bag or box.

Consignors will receive 60% of the sales price if the item sells within one month. All items not sold, picked up or reconsigned after one month automatically go on sale, become property of the Shop, and the consignor receives no proceeds from the sale.

Consignors may reclaim an item (if not yet sold) within one month of the consignment date by bringing in the consignors copy of the Consignment Agreement, locating your item and bringing the tagged item to the front desk volunteer— we cannot search for your items and we cannot do this by phone. If you have an item that was priced for $25 or more and you have difficulty finding the item in the Shop, you may ask for one of our consignment team volunteers to assist you in locating your item. We cannot do this for every item that you consign as we are all volunteers and have limited hours of availability. The front desk volunteers are busy helping customers with their purchases so they are unable to search for your items. You may email us at TurnoverConsignments@gmail.com if you cannot find your item and it is valued at $25 or higher.

Please do not attempt to retrieve your unsold consigned items on a Saturday or Third Monday of the Month as this is our Monday Madness Sale and is simply too busy in the shop to retrieve items. Your presence in the shop is one more person that we have to accommodate during this COVID pandemic, and you are making more non-sale work for our volunteers. Your presence in the store is replacing a BUYER in the store, so please understand WHY we have this policy and plan ahead to avoid this difficulty.

Items priced $25 or higher may be reconsigned once for a lower price than originally tagged, Reconsignments may be done by bringing in your copy of the Consignment Agreement that shows the tag number assigned to each item, pulling the item(s) from the shop floor during regular store hours Monday through Friday (no pulls on Saturday) – the front desk will cross off the item that you are removing from the shop floor, and then you may remove the item from the shop and add the item to a new consignment bag or box with the original consignment tag attached as part of the standard 15 item consignment limit.

An annual (Sept-July) administrative fee (currently $10) will be deducted from your first consignment check each year.

Checks will automatically be mailed to consignors at the beginning of each month reflecting sales from the month ending (if your credit balance less than $10, the funds carry forward to the next month and no check is normally cut).

It is up to each consignor to update their mailing address with us if they move.

A list of possible moving men for hire is available if desired.

We are all volunteers, so please be considerate of our time and do not drop off items that are not in beautiful salable condition. No pilling, smells, stains, or broken zippers please. In season appropriate items only.

You may facilitate the consignment process by bringing your in-season items to the shop clean, wrinkle free, on hangers, and labeled with your consignment number. No pilled items, stains, snags, items with missing buttons, missing zipper pulls, or flawed items will be accepted. If a serious flaw is discovered after the item has been accepted, the item will be pulled from the sales floor and given to Salvation Army. We will not hold items with flaws for you.

Holiday merchandise may be consigned 6 weeks prior to each holiday. All holiday items will become property of the shop once the holiday has occurred and will be reduced for quick sale, and you will no longer receive a check for these items if sold after the holiday has occurred. Holiday items include New Years, Valentines Day, St Patrick’s Day, Passover, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Chanukah.

You can check the status of your consigned items on-line. We keep a daily log of all consigned items sold in the Consignment Sales tab of our website: TurnoverShopWilton.org (then go to Menu: Consignment Sales)

The Turnover Shop is not responsible for any losses including those due to theft, loss, damage, fire, hurricane, flood, etc. We will make every attempt to safeguard your consignments. We use video cameras throughout the store to track goods, shoppers, and merchandise. We are in the business of raising funds for a number of charities in the area, so everything that you consign with us should be considered in that way.

Sign the Consignment Agreement annually

  • Air conditioners, dehumidifiers, humidifiers & vaporizers
  • Appliances (unless new, unused in original packaging/box)
  • Aquariums
  • Bathing suits, new only with tags
  • Bean bag chairs
  • Beds or Headboards
  • Bikes , scooters, tricycles
  • Board games, must be new and unopened
  • Children’s jewelry. (Only gold, silver and pearl are accepted)
  • Chests (with hinged lids only)
  • Computers, printers, scanners , copiers, monitors
  • Cornices, board mounted valances, large drapery rods.
  • Dictionaries, Encyclopedias or textbooks
  • Exercise equipment
  • Exercise wear. (Only new with tags)
  • Flowers, dried (good quality faux flowers ok)
  • Painted wood or metal furniture, for children under 12
  • Golf clubs & bags. (Only new ones accepted.)
  • Guns, any kind, ammunition
  • Halogen lamps
  • Hair dryers, curlers, other hair care/styling products
  • Hazardous waste, paints, solvents, fuels, oils or equipment
  • Helmets, (sports) or any other gear/padding
  • High chairs
  • Lingerie, pajamas, nightgowns (Only new with tags.)
  • Mattresses or Pet beds
  • Medical assistance devices, crutches, rehab boots, shower chairs, walkers or wheelchairs
  • Movie projectors, slide projectors and screens
  • Particle board or pressed wood furniture
  • Personal care items, lotions, soaps or other liquids
  • Pet beds and cages (only new with tags accepted)
  • Pool toys
  • Puzzles (must be new and unopened)
  • Ride-on-toys, including tricycles
  • Rocker toys , vintage accepted, (labeled “Not Intended for Children”)
  • Rugs, exceeding 5×7 (must be “like new”)
  • Skis/ski boots/poles/helmets & snowboards
  • Slippers (only new with tags)
  • Stuffed animals (must be new with store tags)
  • Strollers
  • Toboggans, sleds
  • Toilet seats, potty chairs
  • Toys, magnetic, soft rubber, painted wood or metal items will not be accepted. (Unused games only.)
  • Toy chests
  • TV-sets, stereo equipment, or used headphones
  • VHS Tapes, CD’s, or DVD’s (CD’s and DVD’s may be donated)
  • Children’s items: Baby carriers, bassinets, booster seats, bouncers, car seats, changing tables, cribs, (no bumpers either), jewelry, potty seats, walkers.  Items containing lead, including painted children’s furniture and toys.  Items containing phthalates, soft rubber toys, bath toys, inflatable items, teethers, pacifiers etc., playpens/yards.  Items with small magnets, puzzles, figures, other toys with magnets.

No counterfeit, knock offs and replica goods. Allowing counterfeit items to enter the marketplace is illegal. It is trademark infringement and it is illegal.
See Anti-counterfeiting Consumer Protection Act 1996 and the Stop Counterfeiting in Manufactured Goods Act, on March 16, 2006, also the Lanham (Trademark) Act.