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January 2016

Welcome to a New Year at the Turnover Shop! Though January is mid-season for our winter consignments and pricing of donations, the month is pivotal as we assess our merchandise. On one hand, we endeavor to sell the remainders of the holiday season – though we receive more Christmas donations in January than at any other time of the year. And looking ahead to the Spring, we already start to price the pastels and cottons and lightweight jackets that represent our transition into warmer days.

A few weeks into the new year, we have only had a few days of frigid temperatures, and not enough snow to measure. Even so, the start date for our Spring merchandise – March 1 – seems like the promise of good things to come. We will continue to sell Winter items into the month of March, but should be fully stocked with Spring merchandise by the end of the month. Please stop by for end-of-season replacements for gloves and boots and sweaters; we will surely be the last place in Fairfield County where they can be purchased.

As you are inspired to accomplish some of your own Spring cleaning in your home closets, please remember The Turnover Shop as a convenient and local recipient of items you no longer need. We have no salaried employees, are staffed entirely by volunteers, and our profits all go to charities that benefit education and health in our community. As a nonprofit organization, we will also give you a signed receipt for your donations.

Though we often joke that it is impossible to walk into The Turnover Shop with a bag of donations without finding something to buy while you are there, this ready exchange of merchandise is the reason we have been successful for over seventy years. Thanks to our neighbors, we continually receive valuable, useful, and often intriguing items to sell. And thanks to an ever-widening base of customers, most of those items find a new home.
We are grateful to all of you who are appreciative of the presence of our small shop in Wilton, and support our efforts.


Sharon Sobel